It’s not easy to find a good trader who understands that risk control is equally as important as good profits. The problem is that most companies promoting traders (and many times even the traders themselves) never personally invest money alongside their clients. They simply hype up something that sounds good and then promote it as a great opportunity. Because they have “no skin in the game” they have little concern when things fall apart. Their attitude is to collect some fees while they can and then move on to a new trader and a new group of investors. They have no vested interest in the long term success of their clients.

At AutoManagedForex we invest our own funds alongside our traders before we ever offer the opportunity to our clients. We sit in the same boat as our clients. Because of this we are very selective about the traders we choose to work with, only working with those who share our vision of controlled risk and consistent profits.



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Program Overview

The Transcendent FX trading group applies a dualistic approach to the markets by first closely analyzing market fundamentals and technical levels for each currency pair to determine trade direction and entry points, and then implementing their proprietary multi-phase software to monitor, execute, and apply a predefined exit for each trade.

We were first introduced to the trading group in early 2013 and were fortunate enough to have them trade for our clients from June 2013 to February 2014 (See Details Here).  During that time they generated an incredible 80% profit while averaging +7.04% monthly returns with a maximum drawdown risk of just -13.54% (Please Note: The 2013-2014 accounts were traded with monthly profit targets and max risk allowance approximately double that of our Transcendent FX Master Account).

In 2014, the trading group accepted an offer to trade exclusively for a group of institutional clients.  Although this meant putting trading on hold for our clients, we were able to meet regularly with the trading group and continue to build our relationship over the following 3 years.  As a result, while meeting in August of 2017, we secured the exclusive rights to offer their trading services outside of their group of institutional clients. 

On September 29, 2017 we funded our ATC BROKERS, LTD Master PAMM Plus account with $20,000, and on October 2, 2017 the Transcendent FX Managed Account Program was officially launched and made available to our clients (See Verified myfxbook Results).

At the standard leverage/risk profile traded on our ATC BROKERS LTD Master PAMM Plus account, the Transcendent FX trading group targets 2-3% monthly profits while aiming to keep risk below 10% from new equity highs.  We feel this is an excellent reward to risk profile for both retail and institutional clients.  However, using ATC’s PAMM Plus technology, clients with a higher risk tolerance can choose to have their account traded at up to two times the leverage of our accounts, effectively doubling their returns as well as their overall risk exposure.

We are optimistic that the Transcendent FX trading group will continue to maintain a conservative risk profile while achieving annualized returns substantially higher than industry standards. remains the only avenue available for clients to gain access to their trading services.

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don’t just take our word for it

I’ve been subscribed to the Transcendent FX Program since it launched in October 2017 . . . In my opinion, these guys are hands down the best in the business! Both the trading group AND the guys at AutoManagedForex. I’ve tried at least a dozen managed account programs over the years, but these guys seem to be the only ones who actually understand what risk control is. The fact that they’re personally invested alongside us says a lot! Customer service, consistent performance, and real risk control . . . they deliver! Really not much more I can say. I don’t hesitate to refer my friends and family to them. Thanks!
— Divina D.
I have been following automanagedforex since May, and observing their consistently positive results, decided to invest with them at the beginning of September. I know that the trader himself invests his own money in this program, and have been reassured by this and his exceptionally strong emphasis on robust risk management.

Since September, my account has witnessed a steady and consistent growth. Unlike other much more high risk forex investment programs, I feel confident that I can entrust the management of the trading of my account to this company on a long term basis.

The money is held by ATC Brokers in London. ATC Brokers is registered with the FCA, which is one of the strictest regulatory bodies in the world, and also insured by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme. This is very reassuring for me, having had experience of some scam overseas operators. The trader as a third party has trading-access only to my funds. The brokerage offers a back-office facility which enables me to set a leverage ratio against his trades, and also to set a maximum draw down. Such is my confidence in the results achieved to date that I have set the leverage ratio to 2, which doubles the risk but also the profits.

The trader has always proved very courteous and quickly responds to any questions and concerns. The brokerage also has proved more than helpful to me, and the account manager I have dealt with there, Alex, is extremely affable as well as professional.

All money is placed by the broker in a segregated client fund with Barclays Bank. It remains your money and the brokerage cannot use it for any purpose other than trading your account.

I strongly recommend this service.
— Alan N.